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Togo of Grand Smials
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... for sure the sort of thing I wouldn't think of. Anyhow, from Elephant Journal:

Big Day for Buddhism: President Obama meets with Dalai Lama. China demands apology.
"On the same day that Tiger Woods gave his Mea Culpa, Buddha, speech, the Dalai Lama (finally) met with President Obama—sending “Buddhism” to number five on Yahoo or Google searches, or something. What? That’s all? Yup. We have no idea what they really talked about."
see also the latest from TibetConnection.org

A buncha stuff to keep track of, a buncha individuals, a number of groups, in a number of related topics sooooo a PlayList!

I've been grappling with the "theism" thing since I was in my early 20s.
I found things made no less sense when I took a nearly animistic / a-theistic view of things.

Here, try this: call "gravity" by another name, come up with whatever wierd name and concept you want ... then drop something from your hand.
Did the thing fall up to the ceiling? Over to one of the walls? (Freak the hell out of the cat doing that would, I promise.)

I don't need "intelligent designer" to know the world will be a worse place if I indulge my worst temptations, and a better place if I made an effort to follow my best impulses.
I don't need any external agent to realize at least the humblest of my aspirations.

What /really/ requires the grey-haired God sitting in the high throne?
Hatred ... self-righteous condemnation. That sorta thing needs absolute truths, and absolute authority.

*just wanted to jot this down*

p.s. A little note about the Bible's "literal truth".

To set the stage: let's say you have a choice of 2 jobs. In 1, you get minimum wage, basic food, not a lot of extras, you have work assigned to you and you have to do that work ... but you pretty much live your life. In the 2nd, you're a slave. In the real sense of being a slave.

So ok: in Egypt, people were often forced to labour on public works. And yes, there were slaves, too.
The Jews in Egypt weren't slaves. Bad translation from the original. In the original (No, I don't have the freakin' term, step off my foot!) it clearly states that they were put into forced labour.

Now you gonna say that the two jobs are the same? That words don't mean what they mean? That human beings can't think? or write? or read?

So mebbe "literal truth" is a way for zealots to band together, to group against all others. To recruit others who will do the hack work and provide money. (Which, BTW, is precisely the foundation of fascism.)

"Too lazy to work, too nervous to steal." Is why a person lives the life of a cowboy.
You get it?
Great ... but you still missed 90% of it.
You missed why you got it: it's authentic.

"Don't lie ... makes for too many things to remember." That's a line from a movie.
"Don't lie ... too much effort keeping track." My 9yr old realization of bodhisattva benefit.

So here's the point: you consume, and dramatize, and confabulate ... why?
1st cuz you're in a culture of cheats and liars, so this passes for "just getting along". Which I could almost buy into.
But 2nd: it's smoke-screen as you scramble to try to keep the bits and pieces of lies together.
Cuz you're enormously false.

/You/ condemn yourself. Not me.

You're hiding from your family, from your co-workers, from your boss, from you're "friends" ...
... from yourself.

Is why you have to ignore me: I'm part of the truth.

In the LJ I've talked about authenticity.
And you hate that. *blink* (Do you, really?)
So you ignore me.

Are you, really, better than Stalinists? Nazis? Fascists?
Are you, really, different from Taliban?

Sorry kiddos ... I know I am ... but you?
You can deny it ... that's what you've practiced, year after year after year: denial.
But that doesn't change the fact of it.

I learned to hate your parents as I watched us kill the planet.
I can learn to hate you as you deny it.

Or I can choose not to.
/I/ can ...
... cuz I've paid the price of autonomy, and authenticity.
Paid ... paid in full.

You rely on denial?
Okie dokie ...
... so now say there's no karma. No individual responsibility.
And, having said that, look to find the joy of yet.another dawn ...
.... the joy will be there for you. But you won't enjoy it.

Because you are sentient beings, denial is poison.

You want to cheat, to profit from cheating, to enjoy the benefits of having cheated ...
... and then to pay no consequence.

You are your parents' children.

How sad.
So much destructive power, and not the wisdom of a gnat.

How sad, to be you.

How sad to be me ... knowing your parents ... watching their chidren.

How terribly tragic.

I just posted the long version of this to buddhists.

I was trying to talk a friend through an unfortunate incident at the CD release party Friday night. Of course I'm the bad guy ... like Socrates at his parties: the a**holes pick an argument and he wouldn't be "nice" and back down. (I was going to write STFU but that might be too frank for this forum. heh) So, of course I was the bad guy. Cuz the cracker got in my face. And the cracker was a popular guy. Ipso facto, right?

So anyhow, for the 83,998th time I tried to talk about stuff like ... well, like indulging cruel bullies, like being an enabler, like sucking up to people, like being dishonest for personal gain ... that sorta stuff.
And, for the 103,999th time I didn't really do a convincing job of it. *shrug* (There is data ... and there is information ... but meaning? Meaning is a social construct. So, really, what's the chance of establishing truth?!)

But this morning I came across 2 things that moved me to come back here and write something.


Like the only time I encountered "sin" in Taoism: interfering with the development of another.
I ain't gonna let the affection of yuppies' kidz coerce me into saying that something false is true.
Now it ain't likely that I'll do things well.
But I won't intentionally do the wrong thing.
That would be wrong.
Been there / done that / replay the movie frequently. *G*

Afterthought: Anybody remember "Disiderata"? Anyhow, if memory serves, one line is something like "As much as possible be on good terms with everyone." If someone asks a person to, well, to eat shit ... well, I say we each of us gotta play it by ear from there on.
Yaa, that.

BTW: watched The Libertine late last night. Wow, what a movie. Don't hurt that it stars Johnny Depp!
Something I cobbled together after watching it: "The English Libertine and the French Degenerate"

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    Ok, not so short.

    See it at Bit IPTV ... they're hosting this stuff, they deserve it.
    Killing in the Name

    *spit it, brutha!*

    feel it hereCollapse )

    RATM in HD on Bit IPTV; if you don't know RATM then you don't know dick (Recorded: May 17, 2009)
    Eminem (recorded)

    Is why you ignore things while, with my experience in SigInt, I called for forensic audits. 30yrs ago.


    Just duck. Duck and hush.
    Muddle your minds, and slop up what's in your face.
    Cuz yuhr smart.

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