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Pretty weird. This "threading" is what we had //before// FB. FB doesn't have it ... and wins big.

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On 12/12/2019 5:41 PM, Albert Tremblay wrote:

I enjoyed the radio program. I might listen again to get a little more out of it.
I'm pret near allergic to how the world is going down in flames.
So very often folk don't reply at all. And so often what they reply is basically "I liked that". As though they don't have time to do more than click "Like" ... or maybe don't have any other thoughts than Like / Dislike. Either way, we're completely screwed. Can't have a society with people who are thoughtless/mindless.

      Bernard D. Tremblay (ben) Dec 8 at 8:51 PM
      "Something I got thinking about as a kid:
      Real good bullshit was actually like stealing. Getting something that wasn't actually mine.

      Much later, maybe in Zen, I realized that good solid convincing bullshit was actually a real good way to avoid something.

      So, double whammy! at least 2 ways that bullshit was addictive ... quick buzz / cheap thrill.

I think i have equated false speech to stealing at some point but not sure when. Pergury right?
Perjury ... which probably most often means actual lying.
I wrote bullshit because I meant bullshit ... in a way of giving false impression. For example, giving the impression of liking something but actually not giving more than the very slight damn ... just enough to click Like or type out a short "I like that" ... deception. Misleading.

It's good to be critical and skeptical for sure, far too often people are swept along with bad ideas.
... and did you notice how you blew off the topic by pivoting to something different?
Pretty typically this is where bullshit would come it ... to create a false picture, a false imagine, rationalizing and justifying, explaining away, which very neatly avoids the topic completely.

No reason to think our bad habits will evaporate on their own.
Thoughtfulness ... mindful awareness ... not stuff many people care about.

      "If what you're doing is what you want to do, that's okay. If you're doing it the way you want to do it, that's really fine."

I'm doing most of the things I want to do.
I think you misunderstood me.
I am far to disorganized at home. it's bothering me.
Fabulous example of how what you'd like to do (cleaning up / sorting things out) isn't getting done.

im doing some cleaning now, got to avoid doing nothing.
Even with something as unrelated as responding online ...
And I don't mean this as task or work or chore. When we aren't drawn to what we want, then likely we don't stay away from what we don't want ... which means our wiring is basically fucked up. And we don't pay attention! not even to that!

I think they way would have been to do it before it got so bad, as always.
Good one.
Another easy way of evading stuff: letting it get so bad it's dreadful.
Paying attention becomes truly unpleasant!

I am not doing it the way I want to in the sense that it is often on the back of mind like a distraction.
Bingo ... //that// is exactly what I was trying to get at.
Good eye ...
      "...When we don't pay attention to what we do, we don't know what we're doing.
      When we don't know what we're doing, we don't understand whatever happens next."
Interesting how we have quick reflexes but sometimes not avoid an obstacle that we are of.
"Are aware of" I'm guessing is what you meant.

Selective attention ... we can be almost perfectly blind to what we want to avoid.
So? so we aren't even aware of the fact that we're in evasion mode!
When things are bad, all on their own they get worse. Kinda like gravity. Nothing magical required!

On one hand mindfulness is like with reflexes every thing moves in unison.
Sorta/kinda. Actually this here is a real deep topic in dharma ... "one taste" and such like.
Phenomenon arise simultaneously with the experience.
I suspect Tibetan language is better than English in describing this stuff.

There is no hesitation no gathering of motivation.
hmmmm ... neat idea ...
The distractions are like an obstacle that you see but you don't avoid.
Something I've never quite settled: when I'm totally in evasion mode, to ignore something that I really should be paying attention to ... don't I actually need to pay attention to it for at least a short moment? to ignore it precisely?
Anyhow yaaa ... that's the nature of habit: it kicks in as quickly as reflex!

I think that is what it is like when you are paying full attention it is like the right answers come just like reflexes.
Again bingo.
Natural awareness. Kinda like "all beings have Buddha-nature" ... mindfulness is actually our real nature. We just get fucked up to a whole long string of little things and big things and random things etc etc etc. Hence: karma!

If i am distracted I can act as though i am paying attention but the answers just aren't there.
The "as though" part is where habit kicks in ... like automata ... less mindful than a chicken pecking at feed.

ill go back over previous emails when we get on the same page hopefully
"Follow your bliss!" :-)

good night
have a good one
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