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Togo of Grand Smials
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Togo of Grand Smials [userpic]
Vampires and werewolves

Right wingers will say that I'm wicked and evil and say that I'm a leftie. Lefties will say I'm mal-adjusted and have a bad attitude and make it seem like I'm anti-social. Bottom-line: they're dishonest. Probably cowards. Maybe psychopaths, but more likely bullies ... sycophants. They're vampires, ready to suck the living blood right out of anybody, anytime, for what ever reason suits them. You could say I'm the werewolf, always having to steel myself to do battle with vampires.

Tonight I had cause to think back to when I decided to put on the uniform of my country's army, to train infantry, to train airborne, to pursue a military career. I had my reasons, oh so many years ago. And tonight when I went over them I found the reasoning sound.

When the time came for me to acknowledge and confront the deep sources of societal dis-ease, I did. It almost tore me apart. But when it came time for me to accept what lay ahead of me, there was no "almost"; I exploded like a crystal goblin.


Which of these frightens you more? The the corrupt prosecuting attorney who's out to get you as part of the faceless bureaucracy? or the corrupt defense attorney who's working in the corrupt system on behalf of the man or men who beat you, smashed you, and tortured you after destroying your home and killing your family?

We should get rid of the police and the judiciary? neither cops nor courts? Get rid of administrators, legal framework, government structures, rule and regulations, so those who already have power can remind us why so many fought and died for so long to establish democracy?

Does anything like that make sense? What makes sense to me is this: twisted minds come up with crazed solutions to their crack-pot views on how things are. They're either cowards frightened of the psychopath's bullies, or bullies and sneak-thieves themselves, hoping to profit from the psychopath's chaos.

But bottom line: citizens aren't called to be prosecuting attorneys, or defense attorneys ... no more than they're called upon to be werewolves, or vampires.
Citizens are called upon to be honest community members, judging by the lights of their own experience, in a jury of their peers. That's called community.

People's excuses for not doing that: that's how you can know them for who they really are as individuals.
How you deal with that ... avoid, evade, distort, deny ... that's what makes you corrupt, in your own way. Whether coward or sneak-thief or bully or sycophant or psychopath, however folk become vampires, I remain as I am ... as need be. You might say I'm a werewolf; I'd say that all depends how you see things. And when you hear me say that, you'll very likely think I have a bad attitude, or I'm just insane. Because you dare not think about that for even a moment: very likely you'll lurk back and twitch, like a vampire in a shaft of sunlight.

Just how it is. Just how I expected it to be.