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Togo of Grand Smials
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Togo of Grand Smials [userpic]
Day 1 of my 55th year

Of SigInt on The Side of The Angels
A letter to a rare acquaintance

I'm sure your time is short: I'll get to the point. How would this army of 1 connect fine folk like your good self with the forensic IT tool he's spent 30 years devising?

"Is your truth the same as mine?" ... Pontias Pilate was a career diplomat. And his sophistry works as well today as when he spoke it.

But we've learned some. PoMo? Entirely problematic.
But how about historiography?
How about forensic accounting?
How about how civil society thrives on real discourse and shrivels without it?

How about "truth is dialectical in nature; facts are the raw material that fuel that mill".

Thing is: for me to blurt (after so many years on the web, so much pro bono work) is for me to loose my last grasp on survivability.

I turned 54 yesterday.
I've been on welfare since I broke both feet escaping from a home invasion.
I need some entity into which I can invest my work.

http://bentrem.sycks.net/gnodal/ or, less eccentric: http://groundplane.wordpress.org

with respect and appreciation

p.s. I was in the Canadian Armed Forces "Communications Research" in September of 1973. I filed for release on the 14th of that month. They rolled out a red-carpet deal. I turned it down and got a job selling stereos.
Philippe Agee is/was a hero.