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Togo of Grand Smials
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Togo of Grand Smials [userpic]
Maybe I owe folk a bit of an explanation

Stalin and his supporteres were on the left ... but monstrously inhuman.

Hitler and his supporters were on the right ... but, again, monstrously inhuman.

So guess what: those simple categories don't turn the trick.

So what, then? Being hyper-zealous? (That produces dangerous clones.) keeping our head down and doing our daily thing? (That produces slave-like clones.)

Here's my bottom line when it comes to things political/sociological: there are basically two modes of being ... in one we push our worldview onto everyone and everything around us; people become objects, means to an end (convince, coerce, conquer. or, more passive-agressive, manipulate and con and ignore) ... in the other we're responsive, as though not needing to deal from the bottom of the deck, as though not thinking we can author a fiction that will work better than actuality, as though there's something to "The truth shall set you free."

See clearly ... know what is ... act with confidence.

The most radical aspect of revolutionary activity is open responsiveness, an authentic engagement with whatever's at hand.

Blue pill gets us to justify and rationalize anything, whether that's eating shit from the boss ("It's just the game people play to weed out those who shouldn't rise") or being heartless to the people around us ("S/he has to start taking responsibility for his/her own shit.")

The successfully corrupt share a set of basic lies. Look at the way the Vice President of the United States has skewed things around so that his former corporation gets sweetheart deals ... or the way a massive institution failed to respond to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

And what if most Muslims in developing countries are ignorant peasants (which really isn't true)? They don't hate Americans cuz Americans listen to iPods; they hate Americans because Americans are cheats and liars and thieves. That isn't true? Try living the life of a straight arrow ... first thing you'll realize is how there just isn't community anymore; the best a person is likely to encounter is more like a band of thieves, or a frat ... foundationally corrupt ... corrupt at every turn.

What if only 1 in 1000 are hero like you? You think that 1 will be obvious to you in 5 minutes?

Decades of blue pill activity have left folk brain-damaged.

Fact is, most folk actually don't believe in anything ... the situation is ripe for fascism (as if right-wing fundamentalists haven't already screwed the nation).

Anybody who devalues themselves or another human being is anti-democratic. The whole point is that the development of the individual is the key.