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Togo of Grand Smials
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Togo of Grand Smials [userpic]
Who wishes for peace?

*a fine aggregation from TruthLaidBear: "Crisis in the Middle East: Local Bloggers Report"*
Too busy, too busy, far far too busy. Must buy, must consume, must maintain persona, must flirt, must schmooze ... like junkies scuttling around in search of a fix the "nice people" and "good citizens" of the wealthy nations lead their bug-like existence, in dread of the Monty Python boot out from the sky that will stomp them flat.

It takes seriously deranged people to ignore doom. Congratulations, your years of practice are helping you maintain!

Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Siniora went on television to appeal for UN help in deploying the Lebanese army in southern Lebanon, which has effectively been under Hezbollah control. Choking back tears, Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Saniora pleaded with the UN to broker a ceasefire for his "disaster-stricken nation."

The western-backed prime minister, criticizing both Israel and Hezbollah, also pledged to reassert government authority over all Lebanese territory, suggesting his government might deploy the Lebanese army in the south, which Hezbollah effectively controls.

Indirectly criticizing Hezbollah, Siniora said: "The government alone has the legitimate right to decide on matters of peace and war because it represents the will of the Lebanese people." The Israeli strikes have turned Lebanon into a "disaster area," Siniora added, pleading for international aid.
Yaa, right. "The UN will take care of it. *scuttle scuttle* "The Prime Minister will take care of it, or the President." *scuttle scuttle* "The peace keepers will take care of it, or the army, or the rebels, or ..." *scuttle scuttle scuttle* "I'm busy, busy busy busy, far far too busy."