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Togo of Grand Smials
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Togo of Grand Smials [userpic]
Israel has rolled into Lebanon. Here we go again? [updated]

Update: "Israel hits Beirut airport; 22 civilians reportedly killed" (USAToday) -

" Israel widened its offensive against Hezbollah guerrillas on Thursday, targeting Beirut's international airport and blasting southern Lebanon for a second day, police and airport officials said. Twenty-two civilians were reported killed in the south, local media said.

Warplanes struck the runways of the country's only international airport early Thursday during Israel's ongoing air and sea assault "

Six years after it withdrew its forces, Israel has launched raids into southern Lebanon. What appears to be a major tank battle is taking place in what's being called a "severe" military action (opening up what is quickly becoming a second front).

The incursion took place this morning after a Hezbollah rocket attacked that was followed by raids in which two Israeli soldiers were kidnapped and taken into Lebanon. Strikes by the Israeli airforce against roads and bridges lead a move into Lebanese territory. (Confirmed: seven Israeli troops killed; Lebanese civilians told to take shelter.)

(How many realize that Hezbollah owes its existence to Israel's unilateral withdrawal from the area six years ago? Now they kidnap Israeli soldiers with a cross-border attack?! It can be said that the energy that fueled Hezbollah, the force that developed during the 16 year occupation, is what forced Israel out. That can be said and very revealingly argued.) This has to be seen as provocation.

*  "Hezbollah capture marks new escalation" - BBC NEWS | Middle East; ''Have Your Say'', BBC Forum
*  "Hezbollah crosses into Israel from Lebanon, capturing 2 soldiers" - CBC News
*  "Israeli offensive enters new phase" - Chicago Tribune, 8JULY2006
*  Israeli army enters Lebanon -Guardian Unlimited, 11AM GMT, 12JULY2006
*  "Israel Mobilizes for Lenanon Offensive (CBS) NB: this site crashes Firefox (1.5 and 2.0b1 both)

In the background: NewEconomics.org is doing a "Happy Planet Index". (Canada is 111th; UK 108th. Quite a few nations that are far from wealthy, such as some in South America, put in a very good showing.)

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