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Togo of Grand Smials
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Togo of Grand Smials [userpic]
If folk act as stunned as I say they do ...

Maybe I get upset. Maybe too upset, and maybe too often. And maybe angry, and then depressed. But at least I'm thinking. So what? *D'uh!* is the appropriate answer to that pseuco-clever trash.

"'Thirst for knowledge' may be opium craving - "The brain's reward for getting a concept is a shot of natural opiates
Neuroscientists have proposed a simple explanation for the pleasure of grasping a new concept: The brain is getting its fix.

The "click" of comprehension triggers a biochemical cascade that rewards the brain with a shot of natural opium-like substances, said Irving Biederman of the University of Southern California."

But hey, go ahead ... coast ... the planet will die and you'll be riding along stunned ... don't let me mess you up ... you've got a handle on things and I'm just a fuckup. Yaaaaaaaa right.

DANGER: valid thoughts ahead!
Origins of Peace and Violence; Deprivation of Physical Affection as a Main Cause of Depression, Aggression and Drug Abuse


I crossposted this to "Beyond Greed" and wrapped with this:

Affect and quality of consciousness -
Phenomenal's world vividness can be quashed; there is nothing inevitable about bliss, any more than peace and prosperity and health.

What politic is entailed by slothful thinking? Given that the situation is, as the poet wrote, "The best lack all conviction while the worst are filled with a fiery intensity", how do those individual dynamics ramify up to the level of social and societal?

Grist for the yuppies' mills!

Things eXtreme comprise a multi-billion dollar industry ... for the hard-core junkies who have discovered the conspicuous consumption alternative to considered thought. And on a lesser plane (Web? iPod?) ... moment by moment hits of crack, no less.

Very fascinating!!

The biomachine has developed its own systems of pleasure in order to propogate its own future!

It makes sense, it's how sex works; we are, afterall, a bunch of chemical chambers. And the chemical chambers exist in order to propel our consciousness forwards, and once metaprogramming begins, the results become quite astronomical.

Very interesting read; thanks for sharing that!

The sex angle is why "tantra" has always been a source of fascination. ("Fascinated" ... like "en-thralled": not really benficial.) It's ec-static ... it brings us out of ourselves.

In Buddhist tantra there's the understanding/appreciation that even the concept of bliss can be an obstacle ... is likely to be, actually. But bliss itself ... living in the peak moment ... "profound relaxation" ... that's the stuff that gets pushed aside by normal neurosis, i.e. conventional mind-phuck. Not too surprisingly, Blue Pill individuals come up with perfectly good justifications for doing the wrong thing and not doing the right thing. It's not adaptive ... we're gonna die, in a really ugly manner.

HeyHo, the self-liberated yogin!

Oh-wooops, wrong account. meh. ;-)

"The biomachine has developed its own systems of pleasure in order to propogate its own future!"
If you get the chance, take a couple of courses in ethology ... the real shiet isn't taught often, nor often taught properly, but it's awesome. Dig: if the "adaptive" behaviour was unpleasant, well ... that wouldn't be adaptive! Eating is a pleasure ... but not plowing ... we're out of sync.

Here's something I just wrote on the notion of play/pleasure/productivity (to InfoWorld's Jon Udell ... google him if you're geek):

"Earlier today I suggested (playfully) that Eisenstadt's prowess was empowered ... no, enabled ... no ... vivified? energize? meh ... inspired by his appreciation of social dynamics. And a coupla messages ago I made reference to _homo ludens_, and to the endomorphine [?] response to learning.

Sure, Willinsky's PKP inspired my "Participatory Deliberation" ... but so did *cone of silence descends* my understanding of inter-personal dynamics, i.e. group discernment. Point is: until and unless we grapple dialectically we're just spinning our wheels ... all sizzle, no steak. *cone rises* I was a MIL-SPEC tech_docs kinda guy when I was 17 ... long before I knew the terms. But then, as now, I knew there was a world that needed some saving.

"All work and no play &tc &tc" ... "play" can be something more than mere "fun". All I've done is identified an axis of interaction that can me *uh-oh* operationalized; more fun than ToC and index, but just as effective.