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Togo of Grand Smials
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Togo of Grand Smials [userpic]
Not /everybody/ is feckless and brain-damaged

In reply to a Huffington post concerning academics who are on the take from big-energy I found this:

By: boblablah on July 28, 2006 at 02:37pm
by Luke Snowman, professional debunker

Based on my extensive research and on the weighty opinions of Mssrs. Limbaugh, Hannity, and Inhofe, I can here and now state with absolute certainty that global warming poses absolutely no threat to the world.

Why? Simple.

Nature always achieves a balance. Assuming that rising global temperatures are and will continue to lead to rising sea levels, nature will find a way to restore balance.

Here's how: As sea levels rise, the excess water will drip off the edges of the Earth. This dripping water will then cool the sun as it passes underneath the Earth at night.

Problem solved.

Any questions?


Lukewarm the Snowman
Otherwise, I'm reading academic papers, trying to find someone who doesn't have their head firmly up their ass.


I love that!

huh huh ... ain't it keen? There are "merry jesters" everywhere.

Thanks for your notice. See, thing is, mebbe cuz of Hungary late-50s, or Prague late-60s ... or Watts and Oakland ... or Chile '73 ... seems the giggle center in my brain got zapped. I managed to train in the classic tradition and to work as a clown, but ... I'm more "My "Participatody Deliberation" is foundational to a new communications platform. Just how that interests absolutely nobody is of operational consequence. And that offends me." than huh huh SnowMan rhetoric.

It's a dandy way to debunk the right-wing's worst rhetoric ... I just don't have that bent of mind anymore, if I ever did.

glad it touched somebody

...seems the giggle center in my brain got zapped.

I can imagine, given the things you must have seen.

Satire has always been a great defense for the masses, even if it's not always the most effective weapon.

Satire, for sure. Up here we have "22 Minutes" and "The Rick Mercer Report" on TV, as well as "Daily Show" and Colbert.

But that's not how my mind works. I'm an anarcho-geek, still hammering away at launching my "discourse-based document portal" for public participation in policy decisions. heh ... a barrel of laughs, no? /no!/ huh huh

I make my son watch Stephen Colbert with me.

"Anarcho-geek"--great label to have. You are right on with your project. It's just hard to be ahead of the pack and trying to get them to listen. Mainstream is stagnant, I think. I hope you don't give up.

To tell the truth recently I've found myself changing channel part way through Colbert ... like it's just too much of a good thing. Actually I find him sorta grating. Jon Stewart, on the other hand, I find more of a kindred spirit. I appreciate Colbert's effort though ... hope he can hold his audience.

How old is your son? I worry about the kids ... I wouldn't say things were rosy when I was growing up but at least the hippie movement had some positive aspects.

Mainstream ... *shrug* ... apart from Comedy Channel 90% of my TV time is PBS (did you catch the series on Supreme Court?) and History Channel. Also our CPAC ... gadd, such a geek, watching Supreme Court cases at 2AM huh huh

Well, Stewart is brilliant, for sure. I wish he'd run for president!

My boy is almost twelve, and I really worry, too, about what he'll have to face.

I haven't seen the PBS Supreme Court series--I'll have to look for that. I always seem to miss "Frontline," too, but I watch the episodes on the PBS web page. I've liked the programming I've seen lately on the National Geographic Channel, too. Do you get that up there?

Sadly, it isn't a matter of good intentions and cleverness ... the system, as it is, actual nuts and bolts, is absolutely Byzantine. The paradoxes of power would tear him apart. The way things are it can get better, incrementally, or worse, slipping off a cliff ... or can be topped by violent revolution. Which brings it toppling down on our heads.

Best I can see: that folk adopt the spirituality of daily practice i.e. each becomes their own "Sage General" ... corruption would come apart at the seams.

Worred about kids ... yaa ... perhaps that can be a root of compassion: how many billions have had to grow up with abject poverty; do we expect them to be warped?

I don't have the NG Channel ... I think that's premium ... but Discovery, and History, 2 PBS channels, 2 CBC channels huh huh ... I'm getting my fix!

HAHA, the logic is so simple, why did i not think of that!

To see the humour in things, even when it's denial-mongers' flat-earth assertions ... truly the gateway to some sage intervention!

Mumbling along day after day with my concept mapping technology ... I'm truly envious.

Once upon a time I enterred large gatherings in the garb of a clown, ohhhh yes I did!