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Togo of Grand Smials
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Togo of Grand Smials [userpic]
The truly evil ones only show themselves from time to time ...

... and even then only for a moment.

That's what makes me who I am: you look away, I don't. Even if you caught a glimpse accidently you would deny it. See, fact is, there's clearly a line: you choose to starve me out *shrug* as you are raised. That's who you are. But you look away from that, too. And that's the trick: the psychopaths aren't living in denial. You are. Just you.

At 17:40MDT Woolph Blitz-her said on CNN that the leader of Hezbollah said that they'd rocket Tel Aviv if Israel continued to hit Beirut. But Nazrullah [or whatevuh] has been widely quoted saying that they'd rocket Tel Aviv if the center of Beirut was hit. Maybe that's more detail than the highly-paid yuppies at CNN can handle ... or maybe the word has come down and now they're doing the job they've been mandated to do: stir things up.

Psychos ... bullies and those who suck up to bullies ... same old game, over and over again. And the kidz busy themselves choosing which sneakers to wear.